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ดร. นพ. กำพล ศรีวัฒนกุล STEMCERA_STEM CE

Dr.Kampon Sriwatanakul


STEMCERA Medical Group 


A Stem Cell center for anti-aging and youngness established in 2020

by As. Prof. Dr.Kampon Sriwatanakul

“We believe that…stem cell technology is the science’s crucial innovation which paved way to medicine’s greatest revolution. Stem cell research is a way to improve the cure efficiency for agedness and the deceleration from deceases. Stem cell therapy is the best science technology ever invented today.”

3 Decades

As. Prof. Dr. Kumphol Sriwattanakul is an internationally well-known pharmacologist who has crucial role in stem cell’s research and development in Thailand. He had been an Associate Professor in Pharmacology department at Mahidol University, one of the leading Thai universities in the field of medical study. Moreover, As. Prof. Dr. Kumphol is a former consultant for Thai’s Food and Drug Administration and member of several subcommittee established by Ministry of Public Health. He also had been an associate scholar at Medical Development Center, Tufts University, Boston, United States. 

Year 2018 to present

In 2018, Dr. Kumphol received invitations from University of Tokyo, Chiba University, and many Japan’s medical institutes to help implement research about the possibility of using Immuno Therapy as the cancer therapy method. After that, he has used the Japanese technology to established the high technology laboratory and facility that can efficiently collect, sort out, and propagate many types of leucocytes such as NK Cells, Cytotoxic T Cells, Dendritic Vaccine, NKT Cells, and CAR-T Cells. This laboratory gives Thailand great potential to cure cancer that once impossible by the present medical profession method.

Year 2003-2018

            In 2003, U.S. researcher, Dr. Sangrao Shi discovered the origin cell for using as stem cell in baby’s primary tooth. Fortunately, Dr. Kumphol worked with Bioeden Inc., first baby’s primary tooth’s Stem Cell bank at the time. So, with the encouragement of Dr. Petcharin Sriwattana, former deputy director in care of research at cancer organization, Dr. Kumphol built on the U.S. technology so he could propagate the high profile, legally and ethically correct proved origin cell called ‘Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC)’ which have the advantage of did not have to take time to do cell matching like former Blood Stem Cell. The result and direct experiences of the patients pointed out the effectiveness of this stem cell therapy in many types of chronic deceases such as brain, heart, blood vessels deceases, organic decline, bones and joints deceases, etc.

Year 1998-2003

            In 1998, Dr. James Thomas is the first man to discover the embryonic stem cell. With the successful use of these stem cell in curing chronic deceases, the whole world gave the attention to the stem cell technology. But the raised of the ethical arguments, the use of embryonic stem cell had been prohibited. Nevertheless, the knowledge from embryonic stem cell research had spread worldwide ever since. And it became the fundamental knowledge for researchers and medical professions to cure many deceases ethically and legally corrected today. Dr. Kumphol began to develop this knowledge, specifically the stem cell type called ‘Hematopoietic Stem Cells’ which made from medulla ossium, hematopoietic, and umbilical cord’s blood, to successfully cure blood vessels decease and many types of cancer. 

Year 1990-1998

             As. Prof. Dr. Kumpon Sriwatanakul began to do research about cell therapy. It all began with the project called ‘Fresh Cell Therapy’ established by Switzerland and Germany. It is the ongoing research of using Fresh Cell Therapy to cure agedness and chronic decease since 1931. Dr. Paul Niehans, a Swizerland national doctor, developed the method of extract the tissues from the sheep’s embryo to use in way of Organo Therapy. He found that the therapy is very efficient in cure the decline of organs which had lesser side-effect than expected. However, the extraction and use of animal’s cells was still unconventional and unacceptable in medical profession that time. And because of active mechanism derived from crucial substance in the sheep’s embryo which were Growth Factors and Cytokines, their effect was to stimulated the patient’s tissues to recovered themselves from injury. The effective period of this stimulation was around 6 months. So, the patients have to get stimulation dose at least once a year.

As. Prof. Dr. Kumphol Sriwattanakul graduated with bachelor’s degree in Medical Sciences in 1972. Afterward, he graduated doctor’s degree in Doctor of Medicine in 1974 and doctor’s degree in pharmacology in 1978 from Mahidol University where he also took several professional positions such as a medical researcher, head of pharmacology department, director of graduate study project of Toxicology program until 1988, and deputy dean of graduate school between 1988-1989 and 1992-1995.

Moreover, Mahidol University appointed Dr. Kumphol as Assistant President in care of Research and Foreign Relations between 1989-1990 and Deputy President in care of Research and Foreign Relations between 1990-1991. With his several acclaimed academic works, he had been internationally acknowledged as a specialist in medicine research and development. He had granted many funds from international institutes such as fund for pharmacology training program at Leicester University from British Council in 1978 to 1979 and took position as a clinic pharmacology researcher at Edinburgh University in 1987-1988, fund for cancer research at Royal Marsden Hospital, England between 1988-1989, as well as fund granted from Maersk International Institute for pharmacology specialists training program at Rochester University, United States between 1981-1982. 

Now, Dr. Kumphol is a member of Medical Association of Thailand, a member of The Pharmacological and Therapeutic Society of Thailand. He is a specialist in Obesity Research, Integrative Medicine, and Origin Cell Therapy by medulla ossium, hematopoietic, umbilical cord, fat tissues, and primary tooth. With scholar collaboration among world leading institutes around the world such as United States, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Korea and China, Dr. Kumphol hopefully precipitate Thailand into becoming Asia medical hub which using origin cell as a core technology for cure, treat, and rehabilitate body from any decease, injury or agedness that general medical professions still unable to cure. Along with that is the intention to bring all the patients back to their normal life with fresher and younger body and mind.   




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Executive Director 

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